Micromotors, New Transistor Type, and Electric Planes

Check out the Articles below to read about some developing Technology in the EECS Industry.



“Researchers at the University of California – San Diego have developed a “micromotor” capable of transporting antibiotics to the site of infection, making them more effective reducing side effects.”

Photo: Micromotors treating bacterial infection

Link: Micromotors Deliver Antibiotics



“This new process created by IBM will make it possible for engineers to put as many as 30 billion transistors on a chip the size of a single human fingernail…”

Photo: Nicolas Loubet – IBM Researcher

Link: IBM Creates a New Type of Transistor for 5nm Chips



“At my company, Bye Aerospace, in Englewood, Colo., we have designed and built a two-seat aircraft called the Sun Flyer that runs on electricity alone.”

Photo: Bye Aerospace

Link: Bye Aerospace Electric Plane

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