Officer Bios

President – Omar Alsayed

Computer Science and Engineering | Class of 2022 |
Omar Alsayed
Technical Proficiency: Algorithm Analysis, Web Development, Machine Learning, Microservices, Mathematical Optimization, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Subject Proficiency: Algorithms, Software Engineering, Data Structures, Discrete Computational Structures, and Computer Architecture and Organization

Omar is an ACCEND student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering with a mathematics minor and a master’s degree in computer science, set to graduate with both degrees in spring 2022. Omar has been a research assistant at Penn State University and has completed three software engineering co-ops at Honeywell and Fidelity Investments. He is leading the workflow of the organization and directing MakeUC hackathon. In his free time, Omar enjoys learning, coding, and attending hackathons. Omar frequently gives technical talks on topics such as C++ standards and web API design.

Vice President – Andrew Hanshaw

Electrical Engineering and MBA | Class of 2021 |
Andrew Hanshaw
Technical Proficiency: Embedded Systems and Hardware Programming
Subject Proficiency: Mathematics, Circuit Analysis, Engineering Design, Test Equipment

Andrew is currently studying electrical engineering at the University of Cincinnati. He is also working on earning my MBA through the ACCEND program. He has had 2 co-op rotations at Marathon Petroleum, a research internship, and 1 co-op rotation with Northrop Grumman, and is looking forward to his next rotation with Northrop Grumman’s hardware team in Summer 2020. He is proficient in C, C++, Python, MATLAB, and has experience working with Network and Signal Analyzers.

Treasurer – Chloe Muncy

Computer Science and Engineering | Class of 2022 |
Chloe Muncy
Technical Proficiency: C++, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React
Subject Proficiency: Digital Design, Intro to Programming, Data Structures, Computer Architecture & Organization, Software Engineering

Chloe is a fourth-year ACCEND student pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and a master’s in Computer Science. She is currently in the UC Simulation Center as a research assistant for software engineering research with Dr. Niu. She has also completed two co-op rotations at Northrop Grumman with their DSP team as well as their cyber team. She is the sponsorship lead for MakeUC hackathon.

Social Events – Stanley Huang

Electrical Engineering and MBA | Class of 2022 |
Stanley Huang
Technical Proficiency: C++, Embedded C, MATLAB, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Eagle
Subject Proficiency: Intro to Programming, Digital Design, Electronics, Network Analysis

Stanley is an undergrad student studying Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and a graduate student at Carl H. Lindner College of Business studying for a Masters in Business Administration. He is set to graduate with both degrees in May 2022. He has 14 months of hardware/software embedded systems experience at Kinetic Vision. He is currently interning at Seagate as a Product Management Intern. Feel free to reach out to him if you have any questions!

Outreach – Jash Gada

Computer Science | Class of 2023 |
Jash Gada
Technical Proficiency: Python, C++ , VB.NET. WebApp – HTML,CSS, JS
Subject Proficiency: Intro to CS, Intro to Python, ENED I/II, Data Structures, Calc I/II

Jash is an international student from Mumbai, India. He is studying Computer Science with a minor in Finance. He participated in a research program, the Protégé program, and worked on requirements engineering with Dr. Nan Niu. He’s a part of CEAS Ambassadors, and loves giving tours to prospective high school students and flexing about UC. He’s also organized the E-week and the E-week banquet through CEAS Tribunal. Fun fact – can finish a gallon of ice cream in one sitting! When he is not tweeting for IEEE, he is involved in the University Funding Board.

Webmaster – Kunal Kewalramani

Computer Science | Class of 2023 |
Kunal Kewalramani
Technical Proficiency: Python, Git, Pytorch, C++, Matlab, Java, VBA, HTML, JavaScript, LabView
Subject Proficiency: Python Programming, Data Structures, ENED I/II, Intro to CS, Calculus I/II, Linear Algebra

Kunal is a third-year Computer Science student pursuing a bachelor’s degree and a minor in Psychology. Kunal is currently on his first co-op rotation with the UC Simulation Center (center received the 2012 C+D partnership award from P&G). He is participating in other student organizations like ACM, CEAS Tribunal, WIT, and TME. He is passionate about Ethics in AI and is currently working on two startup ideas. In his free time, Kunal enjoys watching Manchester United and playing soccer.