Student Chapter Membership

Membership in IEEE is a great way to meet other students and faculty within the EECS department, as well as people in the industry, allowing you to network with peers and future employers in your field. Also, attending chapter meetings gives you the opportunity to learn about technology and practices not taught in the classroom, further expanding your knowledge of your field and your future employment opportunities.

One thing we need to point out, though: there is no requirement to be a national/international IEEE member to be involved in our events, vote, or hold office. Many of the current year’s officers aren’t. It’s just an option available to you if you can benefit from being part of the world’s largest professional association.

Group Communication

We are available on Discord and Slack. Hop in and get involved!

IEEE on CampusLINK

Official membership in IEEE is determined by registration through CampusLINK and meeting attendance (minimum of two per semester).

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National Membership

Students are encouraged to become a member of IEEE National. Membership includes subscriptions to IEEE Spectrum Magazine; IEEE Potentials, the Student Magazine; and The Institute, an IEEE newsletter. In addition to these publications, members are able to access numerous technical online resources available exclusively to members. Also, members can obtain an IEEE email alias, which is easy to update, allowing you to change ISPs or email services without the headache of redistributing your new email address. Members of IEEE National may join technical societies of interest.